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Leraning Dynamo : Programing for non Programmers Workshop

Just got back from RTC North America. A great time, fantastic people, lots of learning.

Peter Boyer, Matt Jezyk, and I did a presentation on getting started with Dynamo, and I have posted the step by step instructional on the GitHub wiki. If you are just looking to get started, or have mastered the initial concepts, this pdf can help. Starting from the basics of how to launch and make a point, through formulas and custom nodes.

The lessons are:
-Getting Around in Dynamo:  Installation and Interface
-Create a Point, or, “Hello World!”
-Creating and Laying Out Geometry on Lines, Grids and Lattices
-Synchronizing Family Instance Parameters
-Doing Basic Math with the Formula Node
-Attractors: creating relationships between elements
-Using Revit Geometry in Dynamo and Placing Adaptive Components
-Using Python to Build a Sine Wave in Dynamo
-Using Custom Nodes and Recursion to Create a Fibonacci Sequence

As with everything in Dynamo, we are eager for your feedback, so download the pdf, try out the lessons, and let us know what you think.



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